Last Day In The Campground

// June 19th, 2012 // Events

We stayed in our camper/trailer during the rally last week. We were wanting to serve coffee and try to minister to the fellow campers. We had no major encounters at all until we were ready to pull out of the camp ground. There was a family beside us from Mass. All of them but one of the ladies left that morning to go to The Weirs. We had small talk off and on that morning, as we were preparing to leave. As we start to get into the truck, she says, “Can I ask a stupid question”? What is the difference between a Deacon and a Chaplain? Keith and I stopped and explained how a Chaplain ministers to people at places like, jails, hospitals, military personal, bike rally’s, anywhere that people usually don’t have an opportunity to go to a church. A deacon ministers in the church and usually helps a pastor in a church setting. She shared how she had lost her husband a year and a half ago. she struggled with depression, loneliness, and hopelessness. She had lost her best friend and soul mate. We prayed with her and shared that Jesus can give her joy again, hope and a future! After hugs and tears, we gave her our information so she could reach us if she needed to. Then we gave her a” Road Edition Book of Hope”. She looked down at it and said “that’s what I needed, hope”. That encounter was the icing on the cake for a great week at Laconia Motorcycle Week. Please help us to pray for Donna each day! God Bless!

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