Who are we?

edit-70Keith & Lynn are Assemblies of God, Nationally appointed U.S. Missionaries to Bikers & Motorcyclists. Many financial and prayer partners are needed for them to stay on the road, doing the work.

As they travel, the Turcotte’s share their three fold mission, which is: Group Outreach: using creative ways such as Bike Blessings, free bike washes, and prison ministry; One-on-One Evangelism: through the spoken word, and through lifestyle evangelism, sharing Christ with boldness wherever they go; Sharing the Vision: ministering in the local church, helping churches see the benefits & ministry potential of forming and utilizing a team of dedicated Christian riders.

Keith’s testimony is that in 1977 God snatched him out of a life that was totally out of control. It was a life filled with drugs, alcohol, motorcycles, and fast cars. Believe me, the former and the latter don’t mix! God spared his life through a number of car and motorcycle crashes. Late one night, after one of the worst crashes of his life he landed in a jail cell, there he came to the realization that he needed help. Keith prayed that night, and asked God to show him a way out of the lifestyle that he had become trapped in. After a series of divine appointments, Keith ended up at a David Wilkerson Crusade. When the altar call was given, he traded his ruined and wasted life for a new one filled with love and peace.

Lynn has served in many areas of the church, singing on the church worship team, with Keith, and solo for many years. In the church, she has always been a worker who helps in any area a need may arise. Serving beside Keith at all times.

Keith and Lynn have two daughters, Becky, married to her husband Johnny, along with their three Grandchildren, twins Emery & Elijah, 4 years old, and Brody 2 1/2 years old. Kelly married to her husband Larry, their first child is Solomon which will be one Sept. 29th. Keith and Lynn Turcotte believe that they are “everyday people” whom God has called to reach the people of America who many believe are unreachable. They consider it an honor and a blessing to do the work that God has ordained for them.