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We have just returned from a long ministry trip, this past month alone was 5,000 miles on the bikes. We have been to The Outer Banks Bike Rally, Chicago, Run For The Wall, Americade, Laconia Motorcycle Rally, Franklin, NC, and Sturgis, SD. We have used several different types of outreach ministry to reach bikers for Christ. We hold Free Bike Washes, we serve Free Coffee and Water, and in Sturgis, we helped with a Free Gospel Concert, Gospel Message and Free Harley give away. The Lord has been so faithful, lives have been touched, saved, delivered and healed. It is worth every mile we ride, through rain, heat, cold or whatever the miles may hold. Sometimes the miles get weary, but with every mile there is a new opportunity, a new person that the Lord has given us the opportunity to show Christ. Whether it’s by giving a dog tag with Psalms 91 printed on it, to the Veteran or active duty soldier, or the new Book of Hope Road Edition we use to share the Gospel message. It is with antici-pation and hope that we ride on.

If My People!

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“ If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins
and heal their land.”
No, it’s nothing new, but while pacing the floor and praying at 2 A.M. in Laconia, New Hampshire, God powerfully impressed me to make this my primary message to the churches and Christians that we speak to in our travels.
As U.S. Missionaries, the burden on our heart is for the lost and hurting people in America. We have traveled many thousands of miles this year to share the message of Hope, Help, and Salvation to people who really need to hear and experience it.
Among the biggest giants that we battle are Hopelessness and Discouragement! Politics, The Economy, Oil Spills, National Disasters, and Financial Struggles have taken their toll on everyone. So, in the midst of all these distractions and deterrents, I’ve heard God’s word to me confirmed many times over: PRAY IN THE U.S.A. In churches, in homes, in automobiles, on motorcycles, and in PUBLIC PLACES!
We can try many things, of our own effort and strength, and we will see the results of what we can do. However if we will take to the heart, put into practice, what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, We will see the results of what God said He will do.
Here’s the question: Do we really believe God’s word? Only you know.
Thanks for your Prayers, Support and Partnership! Every-thing that we do for the Lord, has your fingerprints on it, as you part-ner with us through Prayers and Financial support. Thank You!
Let God arise , and His enemies be scattered. Papa T.
Chaplain Keith & Lynn Turcotte Honorbound Motorcycle Ministries

Looking Back

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It has been a privilege this year to travel the highways of the United States , on motorcycles, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have conducted biker blessings, free bike washes, participated in Run For The wall (a Veterans event), served free coffee and water, gave out hundreds of Bibles and tracts. Ministered in churches and on the streets. Through this year, as always God has been so faithful. I can report that our efforts have not gone in vain. We have had souls saved, and lives changed.